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Several litters have been planned for Spring/Summer 2020  Please come back at a later time.

All breeders listed here are members in good standing with the Wolverine Great
Dane Club.   We do not screen, inspect or validate the breeding practices of those
breeders listed here. All members are encouraged to follow the guidelines set
forth by the Great Dane Club of America in their "Breeders Code Of Ethics".  The
Wolverine Great Dane Club does not endorse, warranty, or guaranty the breeders,
their litters, or the breeding practices of those listed here.

Buyers are advised to educate themselves regarding purchasing a Great Dane puppy
and take adequate precautions to validate the  practices of any breeder.

It is wise to review the purchase contract carefully and thoroughly before buying
any puppy.


Harl, Mantel and Merle

due 8/16/20


Fawn and Black Litter

Arrived 6/22/20

Please contact Linda Morelli  810-614-5538

AKC Licensed ~ GDCA Affiliate

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